Campus Physical Environment

2020 Goals


  1. In conjunction with Staff Council, establish clear communication channels for staff to a) offer input and voice concerns regarding the campus physical environment and b) be made aware of current campus amenities and receive updates on ongoing projects.
  2. Continue to work with CPSM and Facilities Management to determine feasibility of adding outdoor amenities including bicycle racks, scooter parking areas, and wayfinding.  

Committee Details

This committee shall focus on topics that may include but are not limited to: considerations that Georgia Tech is a multi-campus Institute

  • accessibility to campus
  • security and safety of the campus environment
  • transportation and parking needs to and from each campus and around campus
  • consideration that Georgia Tech campuses operate on a 24-hour/7 day a week schedule
  • sustainability for each campus to reduce its carbon footprint

Committee Members

The Campus Physical Environment members include:

  • Juan Archila (Chair), Byron Fitch, Chris Walker, David Brown, Debra Dorsey, Jason Gregory, Jeffrey Hunnicutt, Jerry Marrison, Jordan Johnson, Joseph Kyle Richardson, Laurence Brennan, Preston Moss, Ross Bongiovi, Russell Taylor, Ryan Lisk, Sarah Neville, Steven McDaniel, Virggie Lowe, W M Covington