Campus Physical Environment

2019 Goals

  • Investigate and work with Capital Planning and Space Management to determine the  feasibility of adding picnic tables and/or other amenities in various areas on campus.
  • Evaluate the possibility of providing alternate means to parking on campus such as new form of carpooling and/or making arrangements with the public transportation groups around the Atlanta Area.

Committee Details

This committee shall focus on topics that may include but are not limited to: considerations that Georgia Tech is a multi-campus Institute

  • accessibility to campus
  • security and safety of the campus environment
  • transportation and parking needs to and from each campus and around campus
  • consideration that Georgia Tech campuses operate on a 24-hour/7 day a week schedule
  •  sustainability for each campus to reduce its carbon footprint

Committee Members

The Campus Physical Environment members include:

  • Diana Tiernan
  • Jeff Hunnicutt
  • Jerry Marrison
  • Ryan Lisk
  • Sarah Neville
  • Steven McDaniel
  • Chris Walker
  • Shane Gillooly
  • Jason Gregory
  • Carly Bloomingdale
  • Malte Weiland
  • Brian Bonus