Employee Engagement

2020 Committee Goals


  1. Employee Appreciation Event - Partner with GTHR Employee Engagement to create an institute-wide employee appreciation event to engage and energize staff.
  2. Recognition Gifts - Assemble and distribute one-year and five-year gifts to Georgia Tech staff as recognition for their time and commitment to Georgia Tech.
  3. External Outreach - Support and actively engage with other groups across campus to inform and engage staff and build greater awareness for staff involvement.
  4. Professional Development - Continually advocate for staff who desire to pursue external training, professional certifications, etc. and partner with appropriate units to update policy.

Committee Details

This committee shall:

  • Work to address topics specific to the employee experience at Georgia Tech, including staff retention efforts, recognition, diversity, fair treatment and employee engagement in ways that reinforce Institute values and fit within the Institute’s mission.

Committee Members

  • Candice Bovian (Chair), Joscelyn Cooper (Co-Chair), Adrienne Williams, Alisha Kennedy, Carol Yung, Cary Ogletree, Cedric Franklin, Jonathan Graham, Melody Austin, Michael Whitfield, Mir Mohammad, Natasha Carter, Rudy Paratcheck, Stephan Beaulieu, Stephanie Merrick, Sterling Dunkley, Timothy Mention, Toccara Houston, Trisha Sisk, Verene Lancaster