2017 All-Staff Survey Monkey Results

In July 2017, Staff Council conducted an informal survey of its constituents to gather opinions regarding future work on awards/recognition, as well as other Staff Council initiatives. The following overview summarizes the answers received from 346 staff members, representing 87 different departments. We appreciate those who participated in this survey and look forward to using the data below in our work as we continue to serve as the collective voice for Institute staff. To receive a full report of the survey's findings, please email staffcouncil@gatech.edu.

1.Staff Council is currently reviewing its bylaws. One area we are examining is how Staff Council membership is defined. Currently, Staff Council is populated by 20 staff members in the five JCCS structures: Administrative, 10 representatives; Development, 1 representative; Information Technology, 2 representatives; Crafts & Skilled Trades, 5 representatives; and Scientific & Research Support, 2 representatives. Should Staff Council membership be determined by another factor (non-JCCS structures)? Please explain.


2. Staff Council wants to engage and communicate with you. What is the best method for doing so?


3. Please rate the following issues from least important to most important.


4. Staff Council is working to increase the number of staff awards given at the Faculty & Staff Honors Luncheon. What do you feel is currently missing from our Institute staff awards?


5. In order to recognize more staff members, we must ensure staff submit award nominations. Please select the choice below that best represents your past behavior/thoughts regarding the staff award nomination process.


6. In addition to a cash award for the Institute staff awards, what else would you be interested in receiving as a reward or recognition? Multiple answers can be selected.


7. If an informal recognition program was developed, what would you have it entail?


8. Please provide any additional comments or suggestions for Staff Council.