Election Terms

In accordance with Staff Council bylaws, 20 total Staff Council seats are allocated between the five categories that make up the Job Classification & Compensation System (JCCS) structure:

  • Administrative & Professional (A Structure, 10 seats), 
  • Skilled Trades (C Structure, 5 seats), 
  • Scientific & Research (S Structure, 2 seats),
  • Information Technology (I Structure, 2 seats), and
  • Development (D Structure, 1 seat).  

The number of seats that can be filled for each category is proportional to the relative size of each JCCS population. For example, Administrative & Professional has more seats (10), than Development (1) due to the difference in number of staff employees. ‚Äč

For the 2018 elections, the following seats are available for a three-year term:

  • Administrative & Professional (A Structure, 4 seats), 
  • Skilled Trades (C Structure, 2 seats), 
  • Information Technology (I Structure, 1 seat).  

Each elected Council member can serve a maximum of two consecutive three-year terms.