Staff Council Recognizes our One Year Service Recipients

Beginning in August 2017, Staff Council will recognize full-time, benefits eligible staff members when they reach their one year of service anniversary. Originating from a recommendation made in 2015 by the Staff Council Employee Engagement committee, one-year service recipients are celebrated by receiving a special gift from Staff Council members on a monthly basis.

At the beginning of each month, Staff Council sends an email to those who will celebrate their one year of service in that corresponding month. Recipients are invited to pick up their gift during the first two weeks of the month in the Staff Council office, Room 204 of the Campus Recreation Complex, during normal office hours. Recipients must show their Buzzcard to receive their gift.

If a recipient is unable to pick-up his/her gift, a colleague can do so on his/her behalf. To do so, the one-year recipient should email, designating the colleague as receiver of the gift. Designees must also present their Buzzcards in order to receive the one-year service recipient’s gift.

For questions about the program, please contact Staff Council.