About Staff Council


The Georgia Tech Staff Council gives a formal means for more than 3,700 staff members to communicate their perspectives to the Institute’s executive leadership. The Council comprises 20 members who proportionally represent five classifications of employees as specified by Georgia Tech’s Job Classification and Compensation System (JCCS):

  • Administrative & Professional (10 seats)
  • Skilled Trades (5 seats)
  • Scientific & Research (2 seats)
  • Information Technology (2 seats)
  • Development (1 seat)

Staff Council nominations are solicited every fall, and self-nominations are welcome. Full- or part-time staffers may participate.


Elected Council members serve three-year terms. (Initially these will be staggered to include one-, two-, and three-year terms to ensure that future Council makeup includes both new and returning members.) Internal governance includes positions that are both elected (chair, vice-chair and secretary) and appointed (five committee chairs).  Participation on the Georgia Tech Staff Council generally requires a time commitment of approximately 2-3 hours per month. Given the responsibilities of the Staff Council officers, these individuals will be required to commit additional time.


Committees will include:

  • Employee Engagement
  • Employee Health and Well-Being
  • Campus Physical Environment
  • Compensation and Benefits (joint committee with faculty)
  • Communications

Ad hoc committees will be convened as necessary.