Georgia Tech's Staff Council is a part of the University System of Georgia Staff Council and serves as an advising, recommending, and consulting body that helps shapes policies and procedures for more than 5,100 staff members by addressing concerns and facilitating communication with the Institute’s executive leadership.

Currently, Staff Council comprises 23 elected members who proportionally represent five classifications of employees as specified by Georgia Tech’s Job Classification and Compensation System (JCCS):

  • Administrative and Professional: 12 seats
  • Development: 1 seat
  • Information Technology: 4 seats
  • Scientific & Research: 2 seats
  • Skilled Trades: 4 seats

As a result of Georgia Tech's continued growth, evolution, and expansion, Staff Council will implement the following bylaw revisions effective July 1, 2024 at the beginning of fiscal year 2025:

  • Transition the operational cycle and elected terms from calendar year (January 1-December 31) to fiscal year (July 1-June 30), aligning with the University System of Georgia
  • Reconfigure terms of active Staff Council members in academic year 2023-2024 / fiscal year 2024 to align with the new election cycle and extend elected terms to June 30 (end of the fiscal year) of the applicable end of their initial elected appointment
  • Transition to representative model, appointing staff to serve as elected representatives of the four executive groups at the Institute, which include Academic Affairs, Administration & Finance, President, and Research
  • Determine the number of elected member seats based upon total number of active full-time, benefits eligible staff as of January 1 each year
  • Designate 1 elected member seat per 200 full-time, benefits-eligible staff in each executive group
  • Conduct open nominations for officers, vacant and newly established elected seats, and committee members in each spring semester
  • Continue an open elections process whereby all full-time, benefits eligible staff members are eligible to vote for elected members
  • Allow executive committee to appoint at-large members, complementing the elected membership to ensure diverse and inclusive staff representation from across the Institute

The following applies to the 2024 elections process:

  • Staff Council will expand from 23 elected members to 28 elected members, equating to 5 newly established representative seats
  • Staff Council is seeking 12 staff to serve as elected members for a three-year term beginning on July 1, 2024
Executive GroupNumber of Active Employees as of 01/01/2024

Number of Elected Member Seats 

(based upon 1 seat per 200 staff)

Continuing Elected Members 

(as of 07/01/2024)

Vacant  Elected Seats

(as of 07/01/2024)

Academic Affairs1,561844
Administration & Finance2,0331165



Staff Council team group, photo
Staff Council members with the Georgia Tech president, photo


Georgia Tech leadership established Staff Council in 2014 as a conduit for views that represent the greater staff population and provide insight to the executive and senior leadership on how decisions regarding policies, procedures, and investments affect this segment of the campus community.

“The staff at Tech deserves a voice elected by their peers to help carry their message and have a positive impact on campus.” said Dwayne Palmer, lead information technology project manager in the Office of Information Technology and chair of the appointed Staff Council. “There is work to do moving forward and we all can and should participate – even if you are not an elected council member.  All staff members at Tech are encouraged to get involved and help make a difference.”

Staff Council Bylaws

The Georgia Tech Staff Council Bylaws define the procedures, policies, and practices of committee tasks and members. Bylaws are periodically updated to reflect updates and changes to Staff Council operations.