Georgia Tech staff are encouraged to self-nominate or nominate a colleague for Staff Council elected membership from April 15-26, 2024.

Revised Elections Process Effective Fiscal Year 2025

As a result of Georgia Tech's continued growth, evolution, and expansion, Staff Council will implement the following bylaw revisions effective July 1, 2024 at the beginning of fiscal year 2025:

  • Transition the operational cycle and elected terms from calendar year (January 1-December 31) to fiscal year (July 1-June 30), aligning with the University System of Georgia
  • Reconfigure terms of active Staff Council members in academic year 2023-2024 / fiscal year 2024 to align with the new election cycle and extend elected terms to June 30 (end of the fiscal year) of the applicable end of their initial elected appointment
  • Transition to representative model, appointing staff to serve as elected representatives of the four executive groups at the Institute, which include Academic Affairs, Administration & Finance, President, and Research
  • Determine the number of elected member seats based upon total number of active full-time, benefits eligible staff as of January 1 each year
  • Designate 1 elected member seat per 200 full-time, benefits-eligible staff in each executive group
  • Conduct open nominations for officers, vacant and newly established elected seats, and committee members in each spring semester
  • Continue an open elections process whereby all full-time, benefits eligible staff members are eligible to vote for elected members
  • Allow executive committee to appoint at-large members, complementing the elected membership to ensure diverse and inclusive staff representation from across the Institute

The following applies to the 2024 elections process:

  • Staff Council will expand from 23 elected members to 28 elected members, equating to 5 newly established representative seats
  • Staff Council is seeking 12 staff to serve as elected members for a three-year term beginning on July 1, 2024
Executive GroupNumber of Active Staff Employees as of 01/01/2024

Number of Elected Member Seats 

(based upon 1 seat per 200 staff)

Continuing Elected Members 

(as of 07/01/2024)

Vacant  Elected Seats

(as of 07/01/2024)

Academic Affairs1,561844
Administration & Finance2,0331165

Eligibility for Nomination

In accordance with a staff census conducted on January 1, 2024 and the Staff Council bylaws, 28 Council seats are allotted for fiscal year 2025. The 28 elected seats are allocated according to 1 per 200 staff in the Institute’s four executive groups (Academic Affairs, Administration & Finance, President, Research).

There are 12 vacant seats available for three-year elected member terms in the 2024 elections process, including: 

  • Academic Affairs: 4 vacant seats
  • Administration & Finance: 5 vacant seats 
  • President: 0 vacant seats
  • Research: 3 vacant seats

Before nominating yourself or a colleague to serve as an elected member of Staff Council, please ensure that the candidate meets the following criteria: 

  • Must be an active Georgia Tech staff member
  • Must be employed at Georgia Tech for at least one year (12 consecutive months)– hire date no later than June 30, 2023 
  • Must commit to a three-year term beginning on July 1, 2024 
  • Must be self-nominated or nominated by a colleague 
  • Must discuss membership eligibility and service/time commitment with supervisor
  • Must work in a unit that reports to one of the Institute’s four executive groups (Academic Affairs, Administration & Finance, President, Research) with a vacant Staff Council representative seat
  • Must be full-time or part-time (20 hours per week) staff member. 
  • Must not be classified as one of the following: academic faculty; executive or senior leadership; affiliate organizations (I.e. Alumni Association, Georgia Tech Foundation, etc.); research faculty; retiree; or student. Please note employees in these classifications may neither nominate a candidate to Staff Council, nor vote in the election process. 

It is strongly recommended to confer with your nominee(s) before completing the nomination form to verify interest and ability of the individual to commit to the responsibilities of the Staff Council. Staff can nominate more than one person subject to eligibility guidelines. 

Submit a Nomination

Staff Council Elected Member Responsibilities

A prospective Staff Council member should be prepared to serve as a leader within the Staff Council and as a voice to Institute leadership. Other expectations are as follows: 

  • Commit to ten hours per month on Staff Council related responsibilities
  • Attend monthly Staff Council meetings and serve on one of the Staff Council committees that meet each month
  • Serve and engage in other activities to promote the mission of the Staff Council
  • Follow the Staff Council attendance policy 

Officer and Committee Chair positions may require additional time. 


If you have any questions regarding the nominations process, please contact the Staff Council Elections Chair.