The Employee Health and Well-Being Committee shall work to inspire, encourage and support employees in the pursuit of their chosen work/life balance, community service endeavors, and health and wellness objectives; provide recommendations for resources for support and assistance; and give employees a confidential forum to express their concerns and ideas about the state of health and well-being for staff at Georgia Tech.

Rosa Parks statue on campus, photo

2021 Goals  

Develop Well-Being Resources

Develop workshop/informative presentation ideas for well-being topics from GT internal professional resources. 

Establish Partnerships & Collaboration

Expand our methods of outreach to staff members through the support of and engagement in at least two different campus-wide and/or department-specific initiatives by December 2021. 

Cultivate Well Being

Provide physical tools and information to maintain a safe and healthy well-being community. 

Implement Well-Being Flex Initiative

Deliver the GT Well-being Flex Time Initiative to GTHR for implementation by the fiscal year of 2021. 

Committee Members

Candice Bovian (Interim Chair), Alison Morain, Bianca Tenney, Ebony Cunningham, Jonathan Hart, Monique Morris, Nicole McCreary, Sandra Turner, Stephan Beaulieu, Ashley Carr, Katrina Patton, Kevin Ellis, Quinae Ford, Diana Sutton-Fernández