This committee shall focus on topics that may include but are not limited to:

  • considerations that Georgia Tech is a multi-campus Institute
  • accessibility to campus
  • security and safety of the campus environment
  • transportation and parking needs to and from each campus and around campus
  • consideration that Georgia Tech campuses operate on a 24-hour/7 day a week schedule
  • sustainability for each campus to reduce its carbon footprint
Two students walking near Tech Tower, photo

2022 Goals  

Safety Protocols

Establish campus safety protocol manual for future emergencies (i.e. shutdowns, inclement weather, active shooter, etc.)  

Campus Access

Liaise with PTS to determine ways various transportation services can be offered to staff; addressing ongoing campus safety concerns 


Partner with the Office of Sustainability, Facilities & Safety on upcoming initiatives including Earth Week 2022 and the Work Green program

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Test photo, image

Committee Members

Juan Archila (Chair), Tammie Brown, Michael Dixon, Debbie Dorsey, Neil Fuller, Jason Gregory, Danye’lle Hundley-Dixon, Gabrielle Masinko, Steven McDaniel, Natasha Parker, Diana Robert, Alex Stein, Malte Weiland